Know More About Us

The word "Arkamaya" comes from the Sanskrit language and means "Enlightenment from Heaven". Starting a business is not an easy thing to do but with enlightenment we found the courage to begin. We hope our employees will develop the same passion so we can grow together into a well-established company.

Who We Are?

First incorporated as CV. Arkamaya Teknologi Digital in early 2011, within two years, we created another larger business and simplified our name to PT. ARKAMAYA in the hope of becoming more accepted in middle to top level industry.

Our Vision & Mission

(V) Our vision to be The most valuable IT Company for supporting human resources and IT Solutions

(M) To provide high quality and innovative IT solutions in a timely manner to a diverse range of clients.

Corporate Values

We work hard to build relationships based on TRUST and DISCIPLINE as it's a key to providing human resources and IT solutions. And We strive for CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT in the quality of our work.

Little History

2011 - 2013 Learning By Doing

Arkamaya started with a project for PT. TMMIN. We also provided Application Maintenance Support for PD. Kebersihan Bandung. Officially incorporated as CV. Arkamaya Teknologi Digital and opened up our office on Tamansari Street.

2013 - 2015 Knowing More

We moved into a larger office in Batununggal, Buah Batu so that we could serve more people. We learned many things as an IT company. We continue our support in software development area for PT. TMMIN in its Karawang plant. We also created a new Main Company business, PT. Arkamaya.

2015 - Now Continous Improvement

We began to work on several projects in the PT. TMMIN Head Office in Sunter, including PT. Toyota Astra Motor and PT. PUPUK KUJANG in Cikampek. This year of growth encouraged us to begin our Marketing & Sales division to re-define our product we developed to offer to other business partners and clients.

Meet The Team

Join Us. Come as guest, stay as family. See Career